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elitist, asshole, sexist, racist passes away at age 79.

While his NY Times column was on the anal retentive use of language, he didn't mind slandering people he didn't like. While he claimed to be the expert in what is good and true, his 9/11 conspiracy theory (used to justify going to war in Iraq) was soon debunked but he never retracted his coments.
In the coming week as everyone sings their praises of him, remember that he encouraged dirty tactics and name calling as a way to beat the Clintons.
Oh, by the way... I didn't like him.
Wikipedia on William_Safire

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I remember the sinking feeling I had on the day I realized the William Safire who wrote the wonderful NYTimes Sunday magazine column "On Language" was the same jerk who wrote the OpEd pieces that I ranted at during the week.

I actually always found his language columns appalling as well.

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