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Carl Sagan + Autotube = Awesome

Last year I re-watched the entire "Cosmos" series. I had seen it originally when I was too young to appreciate most of it.

Sagan believed the awe and beauty of science was more powerful than any religious imagery (physical or otherwise). One of the ways he made Cosmos so wonderful was the language... it is beautiful, poetic, and powerful. When I wrote the best, most poetic parts of TPOSANA or TM4SA, I believe I was standing on his great shoulders.

Someone else realized that his words were poetic. With a little help from autotune, they could be music:

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I never saw Cosmos. However, in recent years I've become something of a connosieur of 1970s BBC documentary series, and this clip (actually the very final section of Jacob Bronowski's 'The Ascent of Man' delivers a lesson I can never tire of:


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