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My workshop at TBC

Not sure if you are coming to the Transcending Boundaries conference?

If you miss it, you'll miss valuable[*] workshops like....

Make your support group a success!  Facilitation for leaders and non-leaders alike!

Beginners and experienced people alike can benefit from the techniques and tools presented in this workshop. Every community needs more support groups.  Every support group needs more facilitators. 

Learn how to get people to open up and talk, how to increase repeat attendance, dealing with difficult people, and where to advertise.  While this workshop will focus on facilitating, tips for starting your own group will be included if there is interest. This mix of lecture and Q&A will be customized depending on audience needs.

Even if you never plan on being the facilitator, attendees find they get more out of a group when they understand these facilitation techniques.

[*] "valuable" -- I'm biased, since this is t

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hope you don't mind but I'm going to get this X-Posted to the two sites for Bi Group Leader's (Local Bi Group Leaders and Bi Leadership Alliance)

Sure! Always glad to have more people linking to me! That's why I write!


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