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Could be a Dilbert cartoon

Someone was telling me about the time they bought $102,000 worth of RAM. They had to go to their boss to approve the purchase, of course. I thought it would be funny if the manager was upset at the cost and replied, ‘$102K? Geeze that’s expensive! What is it... gold plated?”

I laughed and was glad that my boss wouldn’t say that because he knows that RAM is gold plated.

However, in the Dilbert version it would be great. Dilbert would not want to lie, but he would know that if he answered the question honestly, he would have to explain to the PHB that RAM has gold-plated contacts.

The punch-line, of course, would be the boss saying, “I’m canceling this order. Go buy some RAM that isn’t gold plated.”

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You're such a nerd, but an adorable one. :D

"Mauve has the most RAM..."

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