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A good reason to jump ship and move to China

The U.S. is fucking up the solar business... that we invented.


The reason that all these other countries are building solar-panel industries today is because most of their governments have put in place the three prerequisites for growing a renewable energy industry: 1) any business or homeowner can generate solar energy; 2) if they decide to do so, the power utility has to connect them to the grid; and 3) the utility has to buy the power for a predictable period at a price that is a no-brainer good deal for the family or business putting the solar panels on their rooftop.

When is the U.S. going to require those 3 things instead of letting each state slowly change their laws?

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It's going to move at the same pace as metrication and the hundred other things that the rest of the world is leaving us behind on (like metrication, getting rid of the death penalty and allowing marriages that aren't merely 1 man and 1 woman (or even better having the state only involved in the domestic partnership side and leaving marriage and optional thing you go to $religious_building for).


Much is worry by the utilities: they got used to a one-day-in-advance spot market system and worry they cannot adjust to the unpredictable solar output.

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