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Not funny or just not a fan?

Zero comments about my True Blood joke.

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Ok, maybe it is just my bad ears that hear him say it that way.

Of course I'm only one individual, so that's not exactly a valid sample size. A lot of humor goes over my head.

I don't watch TV, so it didn't parse into English that I could comprehend.

I have never seen the show so the joke went over my head. However, all dialogue is funnier in this format. (I hope they don't block this HTTP-Referer.)

I don't even really know what True Blood is. I figured it must be a reference to some media thing that I don't know.

I've read the first book. Haven't watched any of it yet.

Don't watch True Blood (though I know some about it from Fresh Air) and never thought Beavis and Butthead was funny. Listening to Terry Gross interview people has been virtually all of my exposure to cable series for many years.

I thought it was a weak joke.

I think you are only the first person to get it, and didn't like it.

Oh well. I won't quit my day job.

I got it, but it always sounds to me like he's just saying Sookeh, so the whole premise didn't work for me.

never seen the show, but i did dig the part about it's not TV it's HBO

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