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Deleted Scene from tonight's "True Blood" season finale

[ Sookie and Vampire Bill run into each other on the street outside Bill's house. It is dark, but light enough to see. ]

Sookie: Bill?
Bill: Yeah, Sookie?
Sookie: Wait, what did you just call me?
Bill: Umm... [clears his throat] Suck-yah.
Sookie: No you didn't. You... you pronounced my name right!
Bill: Hey, umm [stammers a bit]. Suck-yah, what are you implying?
Sookie: Bill! I've been putting up with your mispronouncing my name all this time because I thought it was your coole Old Time-y 1850s accent.
Bill: Uh, it is! Suck-ya! Really! [It is obvious that this time he's saying the syllable carefully.]
Sookie: But you CAN say it the right way! You prick! I just heard ya!
Bill: Uh, no I didn't, Suuuck-yaaah. See? I can't say it any other way!
Sookie: You asshole! You're the only one on this damn TV show that I let get away with mispronouncing my name. Now I realize you've been doing it as some kind of joke???
Bill: Uh, well, Suck-ya, it's not TV, it's HBO!
Sookie: Fuck you, Bill! Fuck you and all your freaky fang friends! I'm leaving you!

[Sookie storms out the door, holding back tears.]

Bill: Uh huh huh huh. Suck-yah. Yeah... Huh huh huh huh. She sure do suck-yah. Huh huh huh. Even funnier because I'm a vampire. huh huh huh.

[Beavis and Butthead walk in. ]

Beavis: Huh huh huh. Dude! You're girlfriend let you call her SUCK-YEAH all over town and you broke up with her?

Bill: Well, I, uhhh.

Butthead: Dude! If I had a girlfriend named Suck-y, huh huh huh

[Beavis his Butthead with a sucker punch. ]

Beavis: Dude, you've never had a girlfriend.