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Franken Talks Down Angry Mob

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I think he hits on a few points; first, elections aren't held to get a puppet on a string who does what he's told by the largest number of people. The woman he says this too seems shocked, SHOCKED I say, when he says that.

Second, the squeakiest members of society aren't necessarily the majority. There was a recent town hall here about health care, with John Kerry. 2500 people got into the hall. About 200 were virulently anti-reform. Though they were bitchy and feisty, they were NOT the majority. Not even near it. But they kept referring to themselves as if they were. 'What most people want...' rhetoric. These people *weren't* the majority before, but they had a President who didn't care that they weren't, and they are *incredibly* used to being pandered to. They can't *grasp* that people who truly love America think differently from them.

Now, Somerville is full of students, working class people, and lefty hipsters, both young and aging. But the thing is, if the people who were making such a racket about it were the majority, they wouldn't need to make such a racket; it would be far clearer that they were abundant, and they're not.

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