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Dear LazyWeb: please improve how Git handles zip files

Apple Keynote files are now a ZIP file of XML files. GIT's binary diff system doesn't do well on compressed files, for obvious reasons.
It would be great if someone wrote a "clean" script for Git so that .key files were transparently unzipped on checkin and re-zipped on checkout.

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(Deleted comment)
Yes, it has many hooks. I'm looking for someone to do this for me. It is not as trivia as one would think.

(and I'm trying not to write it myself... it is a tempting distraction from writing the slides for my LISA tutorials, and would kill a week of time that I don't have)

I saw that but didn't try it because of the comment:

"[robg adds: There's more discussion on the new iWork file format in this hint and associated comments. You can't convert one document to the old format using Save As; I tested it with Pages, and even after changing the prefs, it still saved as a single file.]"

The truth is that I want someone to write a generic one that works for ZIP, compressed TAR and other files. Done right it would solve many many different problems.

The comment is out of date. Modern keynote actually has it in the menus. ...somewhere. I was happily using it to keep keynote files in git until I switched back to linux last week.

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