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They Might Be Giants: Podcast 39

Postcast 39 is a video from their new kids album about science.

There is a shortage of young people that want to be scientists when they grow up. The problem is that scientists are not as sexy and look looking as a rock-star, or even Miley Cyrus.

Therefore, the fact that their video makes scientists INTO rockstars is wonderful. Imagine if we had multiple generations of kids watching videos like these? The world would be a better place.

Watch it here: http://www.tmbg.com/_media/_pod/TMBGPodcast39.m4v

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I love TMBG, but for some reason the "Paleontologist" song from "Here Comes Science" just doesn't have the same catchy feel as most of the "Here Come the ABC's" album.

Still, you're right - it's great that someone's carrying the tradition of non-mainstream or subversive children's educational materials.

Aaaahhhh! You can't say anything bad about TMBG on my LJ! Aaaahhh!

(runs into the corner and cries)

We'll still be buying a copy of "Here Comes Science" for the kids, though!

I learned how to sing the alphabet backwards, thanks to TMBG! :-)

*stops crying and looks up at you*

Well, ok.


I also learned that "West Xylophone" is a country, according to TMBG! Hehe.

Unfortunately I don't think that's the problem with kids going into the sciences.

They're playing at the Union County music festival on Sunday, Sept 13


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