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Help me make teh intarweb less ugly for just $10

I'm helping a really good organization replace their "world's ugliest website" with one that is much better looking, more functional, and useful. When it is done LGBTI organizations in New Jersey will be able to use it to publicize themselves and their events. My hope is that this will give them more members, which makes them stronger, which helps everyone.

I take the blame for designing their current ugly web site. I made it. Really. I'm so embarrassed. So now I've contracted people that will design a much better one.

The new site is nearly ready. I swear it is beautiful.

Would you help them pay for it?

You can make a secure donation by following this link. If everyone that reads my LJ could send them just $10, it would be a major win.

And the internet would have one less ugly web site.

And I'd be very happy.

Thank you,

P.S. If you are considering making a bigger donation and would like to see a preview of the site first, please email me at yesthattom@livejournal.com.
P.P.S. 20 people donating $50 each would make me orgasmic.

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Hey Tom, Unfortunately their link for donations is broken. (The tax deductible ones aren't but the regular one is.)

Oops. The link you sent works. The link to donate from their main site is broken. Donation sent. :)

.... If the PPS happens, i want video.

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