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Weight watchers thought of the day

It is 1:15pm, I've only eaten 5 "points" worth of food, and I am totally full. Thank you, Entire Head of Lettuce!

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See, this is why Weight Watchers didn't work for me. Eventually game-playing mind and college-anorexic-mind came together and eating 5 points in a day (or 3. or 0). became the thing to strive for.

One rule of WW is that you have to eat all your points every day. So, I do have another 23 points to eat today. I'm saving up for a pizza splurge tonight :-)

Sorry to hear that WW didn't work for you.

I don't remember that one being emphasized back in the day. :\

Just for scale, how much pizza is 23 points worth?

5-6 points per slice of plain. 8-9 if there is meat on it. So, 3-4 slices tonight! :)

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