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Is article has inspired me to show up at all Town Hall meetings this August

At my nose

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Have you found a good source of meeting locations, dates, and times?

Need to join your local nondenominational craziness church.

Last I heard they're all being listed on the same right-wing sites that are encouraging people to come to them to disrupt them. No reason not to use their research against them.

I have no objection to that, but have you found a right wing site that is publishing such a list? The main right wing site I know of organizing on this topic is recessrally.com but they have you pick your state and sign up so they can forward your contact info to the organizer.

I don't. Sorry. I just keep hearing on the Rachel Maddow show that some of these so-called "grassroots" groups are listing town hall meetings on their websites to send people to them. I'm honestly afraid to try to visit the sites. :)

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