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Cops are never racist


...because after doing racist things, they apologize.

(Gosh, the last time I went to court to fight a traffic ticket, why didn't I just apologize? Then wouldn't be a traffic violator, just someone that did a traffic violation. Totally different, I guess?!?)

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“I have so many friends of every type of culture and race you can name. I am not a racist.”

There is very little that surprises me when it comes to how we bungle dealing with differences in this country. However, when someone invokes the, "But I have [insert the difference of your choice here] friends, I'm not a [ditto]ist!" argument I make the face in my icon.

Wow. Just... wow. Reminds me of Mel Gibson's "are you a Jew?" drunk driving arrest, except that Gibson only -played- a cop.

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