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The Microsoft/Yahoo! advertising deal

I thought this was a good analysis:
Yahoo committed seppuku today

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Wow, what has Google replaced your blood with?

The entire article is focused on this premise: "search is the most important business of the 21st century" -- and I reject it. Search is a utility and an advertising delivery tool. All of the other services are what use and why they use it. Yes, they've ceded the search game -- but they've also acknowledged that it's something that pays for essential applications, not an essential application.

OK, I hope you realize the first line was intended as a joke, even without visible affirmation.

But I'm pleased to see i'm not the only person who sees this as a good thing for them:

"They just lost their way," said technology analyst Rob Enderle. "This (Microsoft deal) will let them rediscover what they once were — a place where a lot of people liked to spend a lot of their time online."

No, I draw the same conclusion for different reasons.

To be more clear... I think Yahoo! is making a mistake, but only because anyone that does a big deal with MS ends up regretting it. MS only makes win-lose deals, never win-win deals. However, they're good at making the other person think they are making a win-win deal. (There's a great article about this from 2002 but I can't find it. I used to have it posted on a bulletin board at my then-employer but I never saved it when I left).

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