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An unbiased survey:


16. Obama's handling of which region of the world worries you the most: (Click up to three choices)

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Well, this is the party for which "evidence-based reasoning" involves reading the bible, or more commonly taking the word of someone else who read the bible and seems smarter than you and says it's in the bible.

So just doing a survey is a big step for them. Let's not expect them to actually understand nuances like "bias" just yet.

Filled it in (that'll put their nickers in a twist). Wow there were some very biased questions (and not in the way that the one you picked out is).

Well worded:
Do you agree with the Obama Administration’s decision to discard the phrase “War on Terror” and replace it with “overseas contingency operations?”

Not so well worded:
Do you approve of the Obama Democrats’ plan to give more than $100 billion in taxpayer funds to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) even though that money is likely to end up in the hands of tyrannical regimes?

Excuse me, but the IMF does a lot of good (yes, they screw up too, but so does every large bureaucracy). That's just disingenuous.


I do believe that for one reason or another, everyone who completes that survey will likely end up being upset.

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