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Sanford’s Real Sins

I encourage you — and any whom you can influence — to pay attention to all the commentary about Sanford. And, what I predict is that you’ll note precious little to nothing in all the commentary with regard to the effects of his policies and positions and how they affect real people. Oh yes, brief mentions about him and Obama. But nothing substantive. Nothing about how he rejects stimulus money and does other things that push the lowest third of the South Carolina (not to mention US population) into even more extreme economic conditions… conditions that put HUGE stress on marriages and families. This man broke up many marriages before he got that email from Argentina. He ruined the prospects of, I dare say, tens if not hundreds of thousands of struggling people who are more decent than he is and has been as evidence by his parroting right wing bullshit in pursuit of narrow ambition.

He is no more than a rich, powerful man who sought comfort for stress and so forth in an adulterous relationship. That, by itself, is his business. But this whole ’seeking forgiveness thing’ needs to be cast in a larger, more meaningful context.

In all the ‘did he stand up like a man and admit his sin” and ‘did he get forgiveness from Christians with regard to breaking one of God’s absolute laws’, I predict we will see far too little about how this sinning Christian takes positions that do actual damage to other human beings who, to him, are mere abstractions. That is a bigger sin than adultery … a bigger transgression of ‘god’s absolute laws’. He has cast vile, evil and dire consequences on ‘the least among us”…. but where were the media then, where are they now on this horrendous sin?

Instead, it’ll be a mainstream media –and even blogsphere — side show about family values and political prospects. This is a man who has zero compassion for other human beings except those he knows personally and whom he has personally hurt. If he wants forgiveness, then he should immediately quit the Governorship, put on rags and go serve the needy whose numbers he has increased.

If he did that, then, I’d say, reasonable people among us could respect him. Now? He is just another rich, spoiled sanctimonious asshole who got caught. And, the media, who know that nothing sells like sex, will play this for all it’s worth in terms of advertising, traffic and so on… without anymore thought to the helpless, needy and less fortunate. Worse, I fear the so-called progressive blogosphere will not perform much better…… although, of course, I hope I’m wrong on both counts.

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"extreme economic conditions"

Just as a point of reference, you can also spin that as "isn't willing to subject the generation to come after us to EVEN WORSE economic conditions by having to come up with this debt, and all the accumulated interest that goes with it."

Stimulus packages feel great in the short-term, but long-term are far more damaging to our already overladen national debt.

Well Ed Schultz, Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow have taken him to task for his hypocrisy.

What you have to understand about South Carolina is that the state prides itself on being a backwater. Driving the state further into economic and social turmoil with antedeluvian policy and discourse is not just established practice -- it's how this state differentiates itself from its effete, latte-sipping namesake to the north.

I lived in South Carolina when Sanford was running for office, and I recall thinking (as I did later of John McCain), "for a South Carolina Republican, he's not so bad." Based on his economic behavior, he hasn't been that good, either. Sadly, because he's now lost his mind and gotten himself involved in an intercontinental tryst, the state will most likely be saddled with someone even worse.

With apologies to all of my friends still pulling the Democratic lever in Richland county, I've long since given up hope that that state will ever wake up from its 147-year death spiral.

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