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(no subject)

I just signed up for this class:
This class will teach the foundational moves of breakdance including toprock, footwork, freezes, and the foundations for powermoves. These moves will be taught in a choreographed set that can be mastered by first timers and will be set to some pleasant music.
(Free, 90-minutes)

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That sounds fun. Is it more Google Coolness?

Yes. Work instituted a program where employees can teach a class on any topic to other employees. This is the second one I'm taking (The other was a 6-week screenplay writing class).

wow, this is through work? Mike never teaches me how to breakdance!

Ha, "pleasant music"! For some reason that phrase in conjunction with break dancing totally makes Herbie Hancock play in my head. Have fun!

rock on with your bad self!

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