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Weather and Movies, now easier to find on Google

If you search for [ weather 07003 ] or [ movies 07003] or even [ up 07003] google will tell you the weather, movies, or where “Up!” is playing near Bloomfield New Jersey. It works with zip codes, names of towns, states, etc.

I just noticed that now you can leave out the zip code and Google will assume you are searching for movies or weather where you are (it guesses where you are based on your IP address).

It even works for movies currently in the theater. Even Up!

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are all the possible switches documented ?

I'm not sure what you mean by "switches" but these two links might be what you mean:

A list of search features

Advanced search

P.S. I found those links by going to www.google.com and clicking on the "advanced search" link.

Yeah, but does it work for Up! ? ~smirk~

The movie title + ZIP has worked for quite a while. I used it all the time.

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