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Cleaning out old computer equipment.

One is the old-style PowerBook G4. The other is the new style PowerBook G4.

Are they worth anything?

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Mac hardware has a disturbingly good used price curve. If you're comfortable with it, definitely sell 'em on eBay.

(For instance, people still want the last generation of the PowerBook G4 because it will run Classic where the MacBooks won't. That's a selling feature.)

I have an older-style round Mac laptop AC adaptor from my previous ibook (the non-mag connector) and an old-style VGA adaptor, if you want. I'll ship 'em to you if you want to include them in the package. :)

My primary machine is still my 12" powerbook g4. As far as I can tell, this is the best computer ever manufactured. I've considered upgrading several times, but never found anything comparable. I love this computer *hugs computer*. I've had it for coming up on four years, so bits should really start failing soon, but so far it's been solid as a little shiny rock. (And not much faster, but that's not the point.)

Anyway. I have no idea if they're worth anything to people who aren't me, so this doesn't help you at all.

I agree that they are great machines. Though, when I had both of them turned on (plus my Intel-based mac) the room got noticeably hotter. I forgot how hot they run.

eBay says they are worth 500-600 each. That's decent beer money :)

you know me and older machines. I was using the Pismo till it started failing bad enough that someone took pity on me and found me a used AlBook, cleaned it up, and said "you can have this as long as I never hear the word Pismo again from you."

good thing he's not on LJ [peers around suspiciously]

Is that more modern than the AlBook?

not that i have the cash...

I don't know the slang for this model, but it looks like this one on ebay

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