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Finance news

In 2005 I bought Tivo stock at $7.50 and it immediately tanked.

Remember, folks. The general rule for investing is: Do the opposite of Tom and you'll be rich, rich, rich! I've considered writing a "stock newsletter" where I charge thousands of dollars to warn people what I'm about to do so they can do the oppositie (or maybe I should just have companies pay me to NOT buy their stock? Hmmm....)

So anyway...

Last week Tivo won their patent lawsuit against EchoStar (see video clips of how the news covered it thanks to tivoblog). The stock price nearly doubled.

I'm finally in the black.

Therefore.... I'm selling the tiny amount of stock I own for about a $200 profit. Minus taxes, fees, etc, I could have made the same amount with a savings account. However, I'm happy to be one step closer to getting rid of all my individually held stocks.

And, if the "general rule" above holds true, the stock price will jump even higher soon after my sale order goes through. With my luck, some big company will announce that they're purchasing Tivo.

Go me!

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Whoo hoo! Drinks are on Tom tonight! :)

Congrats on the blackness!


Gosh, they've got some dubious patents.

If I could travel in time, I'd patent the idea of being a particularly patent litigant friendly court and sue that bit of Texas :)

I'm up a small bit on some stocks and down a whole bunch on others. Who would have thought that Teddy Bears were such a bad investment?

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