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Join the Corzine social media stuff

Hey folks, it's Jon Corzine against Christie.  Christie is a racist, bigoted, sexist, lying, cheating, Bush-chrony-that-got-to-run-as-payback-for-doing-Bush's-dirty-work prick.

Please take a few moments and take that the first, easy steps to get involved with the Corzine campaign: Friend Corzine's campaign on Facebook, Black Planet, MiGente, AsianAve or Ning or follow him on Twitter.

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Serioulsy? That's the *first* time I've ever seen our sites mentioned by a friend. I've seen BP mentioned once or twice, in the news, but only as a clip, and Glee was once on the front page of USA Today, but.. cool!


The Corzine campaign is really going through great lengths to reach out to all communities.

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