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(New Jersey): It's time to fight!

Dear Thomas,

Last year, President Obama and Vice President Biden challenged Americans to build better schools, to fix our broken health care system, to honor our seniors, to protect the most vulnerable and to be good stewards of our earth.

But, as you know, my administration has been fighting for these things in New Jersey for the past four years... often with Washington working against us. Now, with a partner in the White House, there is no limit to what we can achieve.

And Tuesday night, standing on that stage with Vice President Joe Biden and 3,000 screaming supporters at the Corzine 09 campaign kickoff rally, the importance of this race and what's at stake for New Jersey's working families became abundantly clear.

Make no mistake, we are going to win this fall’s election. Not only that, I promise you that I am going to fight like hell for the values that we share.

I am going to make sure no one has any doubt about what's at stake in this election, about the remarkable achievements of my first term, and about the reckless ideas and out of step values that my opponent has for our state.

It is going to be very clear to the people of New Jersey which candidate for Governor is fighting for the middle class families of our state, which candidate for Governor is fighting to keep New Jersey moving forward, which candidate for Governor is fighting for the values that you and I share.

Will you join me in this fight?

Please take a few moments and take that the first, easy steps to get involved with our campaign:

1- Friend us on Facebook, Black Planet, MiGente, AsianAve or Ning or follow us on Twitter.

2- Add your name to the Corzine Team Map.

3- Sign up to volunteer a few hours to help out on the campaign.

4- Text NJ to 71310 to get campaign updates and events in your area on your cell phone.

Campaigns are won and lost by the thousands of individual actions that supporters just like you are willing to take every day. These easy steps can make a big difference and help us establish a broad base of support that we'll build on throughout the next 151 days.

Never before has more been at stake for New Jersey, and I'm going to need every one of you to get involved-- even if it's just friending us on Facebook or forwarding this email on to your friends (though I hope that you'll be willing to do more over the course of the campaign).

At this critical time in our state's history New Jersey needs a Governor who will be a partner with Barack Obama, not one who wants to be an obstacle to the progress our state needs. Please take a few moments and take that first small step to help our campaign make a big difference.

Thank you, in advance, for your support.

Governor Jon Corzine