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For the love of ___!

As an atheist I dislike taking God's name in vain. I think I'm going to substitute "tivo" in the future.

Look how well it works:

"For the love of Tivo, why isn't my program working?"
"For Tivo's sake! What's wrong with people lately?"


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In these situations, I recommend and endorse using "Elvis."

"Great Elvis Almighty!"

Depending on your audience, this is would simply be transferring the slight to a different deity.

As an atheist, I dislike acknowledging any deity at all--even if it is in a manner that is considered inappropriate or disrespectful by the faithful and the prudish. As a substitution, I find that "fuck" works just as well--even if it is considered inappropriate or disrespectful by the faithful and the prudish.

I believe the traditional atheist oath is to Ford.

I like to fill in random one-syllable first names.

"For Bob's sake, why'd you do it that way?"

"For the love of George!"


What's the Tivodamn problem with the old way?

I like this suggestion, and the Elvis one. I generally say either 'gods' (emphasizing the 'S') or use a mild exclamation such that my grandmother used 'Oh, good grief!'

I do also say ridiculous things to underline my lack of belief, such as:
'Well, that's why god made paperclips' or 'Birthdays are why god made paid vacation days'.

I think Elvis wins, though.

In the past I've used "Obama" or "Google" instead.

Indeed, if TiVo sends you a cease and desist, it's not a big deal.

If *God* sends you a cease and desist, well, that's kinda permanent and final, isn't it. :-)

I feel the same way. I always look for an alternative word for God. Or a whole different way of saying "oh my god." But the best I've come up with is "thank Bob that we made the train on time" and "Oh my Bob, it's cold in here"

I like your word better.

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