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Google Holodeck


I haven't seen this. I don't even know if it is a hoax. Either way... I wanna try it!

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Reminds me of an art piece I saw at the SFMoma a couple of years ago - a small round room, ringed in the inside by something like 10-12 screens, showing the view out from inside a revolving restaurant in different cities.

It was pretty awesome.

I've used it. It's as cool as it sounds :-)

oh man!


we saw the star trek exhibit at the franklin institute on sat

got to sit in all the chairs from the next gen bridge

i was so wishing they'd had a holodeck

There needs to be a stationary bike inside.
Except in this universe the speed of light is 20 mph.
Then as you speed up, things start to distort...

(i saw this awesome exhibit in a science museum in Japan)

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