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My stolen GPS

My car was broken into last night while parked in Jersey City. The small (non-rolling, triangle) window was busted and everything in the car was ransacked. My GPS was stolen, luckily nothing else of value was there (thank God my laptop was safely at work). Though, there were tons of power adaptors and other iPod/cell phone related cables and things he could have taken... but I guess they're only worth $ to someone with the exact model.

Yes, I had hidden everything in the glove box or middle box. Sadly, he saw the mounting stuff for my GPS and assumed he could find the GPS itself in the car.

Looks like Monday I'll be working from home while I coordinate getting a replacement window.


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Sounds like what would happen in my old home town of Jersey City.

"Jersey City! Only the Strong Survive"

I am so sorry to hear that!

I'm so sorry this happened to you. What a pain in the ass!

This has happened to other friends of ours as well, here in Philly. Now I don't leave the (rental) car without removing the GPS mounting thingie from windshield, stashing it in the glove compartment, and taking the GPS with me in my backpack.

Once we buy a car, we'll be keeping one of those cans of window wipes in the car, to remove even the smudge that the GPS suction cup leaves.

oh noes!

poor tom ~hugs~

the new police chief guy in philly was interviewed awhile back. he urged folks to remember to remove all mounting/power supply bits from sight

this interview was just *after* bitmonger's car was broken into ~le sigh~

Ugh. So sorry to hear this. That sucks.

My boss at work and others have a solution for this: the beanbag gps holders. They don't leave a mark and from reports work quite well.

That sucks, Tom. I use the beanbag friction mount; it does work well. Like this one:

That's what I have. However, it was on the dash. The GPS was otherwise hidden.

Remember: When seconds count, help is minutes away.

Man, you must really attract the thieves - over the years, I remember hearing about several car break-ins you've had where stuff like your day planner was stolen, etc.

Maybe it's time to just stop parking your car in these kind of shady places like Jersey City?

Alternatively, one could not leave important stuff in ones car...

Recent local bulletins advise folks to even wipe away the round mark left by a removed suction cup.

I have the beanbag but I had left it out because it doesn't fit in my glove box (the GPS does).

That sucks. Sorry to hear it.

Yep, if you can see they've got one, 90+% of the time it will be in the glove box.

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