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Google Wave

For the last year (or more?) I've been holding this biiig secret and wanting to tell people, but couldn't. Finally Google has announced it:

Watch the YouTube video about Google Wave.

It is so new it is hard to explain what it is. Watch the demo.

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WOW! I am only about 14 mins into the video and I am want it already.

Any chance of a short summary? That video is over an hour long and two minutes into it he hasn't said a word about what it is.

I wonder if someone will edit it down to a shorter version.

Nifty... Hm, I wonder if we can get something for LISA. Do you know the folks involved?

can you get me into the sandbox version?

OK, that's the second time today i've heard about this, and now had to actually watch the thing.

Very cool! We've been struggling w/ the cc issue on email, especially for tickets, and such, and this would be a very cool way to deal with that. I'd love to see RT integrated in...

A side question is how well it goes offline. That's going to be a major concern if it tries to be the email of the future- we don't have ubiqutious 'net quite yet... and we'll want our waves for offline use.

It would be incredibly powerful when decoding the 26 broken up email replies that have become 3 separate threads. Those emails happened a lot while I was at Google, so should be awesome for testing!

yeah, I need an edited version too. 1 hour 20 min is too much geek-talk for me. Anyone recommend any good user-friendly articles about it?

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