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Successfull BBQ/Bday party

Our annual Sunday-before-Memorial-Day BBQ was a success. This year it was a few days before C's bday instead of directly on it. We had about 50 people including 10 or so kids. That's the biggest so far! Sadly it means I got to spend even less time talking with people. At least the summer is starting so we'll be able to be more social soon.

On a personal note... a number of people noticed that I'd lost weight. A few people asked me about Weight Watchers and/or Wii Fit. I've also started using an AbRocket. I've lost 15 pounds. In this next phase I want to lose another 15 and start focusing on sculpting my abs. Hopefully that will happen in the next 12 weeks.

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So did you buy the AbRocket because of the TV ads, or because of other legitimate testimonials?

(And yes, you're inspiring. I have to get back in shape.)

Also, ironic you put the "look how fit I am" post after the "My favorite BBQ joint burned down" post.

Yes... motive and opportunity? Hmm.

Believe it or not, mostly the commercial. I already do jackknifes a lot. I want to do crunches but they hurt my coxis. The AbRocket was appealing because it looked like it wouldn't hurt my coxis. I could ignore all the other claims of weight loss (I'm doing WW) and other claims the adverts made.

Out of curiosity, what sort of workout do you do on the wii fit (I have one, too)? I use it to supplement jogging on my treadmill, lifting, and kayaking. I find that the yoga and some of the strength training are good for building core strength, and the balance games are good for working on my coordination. The aerobic stuff doesn't require all that much exertion on my part, though, so I just use as a "eah, I don't really feel like working out today, but I should do _something_" sort of thing.

On most days I was doing the first row of Yoga, the first row of Strength, then 15 minutes of aerobics (hoops, step or running). That is usually 30-45 minutes. On the weekend I tried to do a 2-hour session of 3x each of those.

Now I think I only get a good workout if I do 3x of each. However, that's a lot of time spent clicking to the next menu. So I'm not sure what to do now.

My emphasis right now is to increase arm strength and sculpt my abs. Therefore, i'm doing pushups and jackknifes until I can't stand it any more, then running in place.

I've been thinking of doing Yoga on odd days and strength on even days... but then I skip a day and it goes to hell.

The AbRocket is nice because the beginner workout (I've uploaded the DVD to my Tivo) is 6 minutes and I can do it a few times a day... whenever I have a few moments. My goal is to be able to do it and the intermediate workout without pausing in the next month or two.

Have you looked at any of the other wii "games" like my fitness coach (for cardio, mostly, so I've heard), or even wii sports? I'm surprised you haven't been doing the rhythm boxing for cardio if you're going for arm strength, since (if you're actually treating it like a workout), punching is better than hoops of, step, or jogging in place. I find that wii sports can actually give me a better cardio workout if I'm really into playing tennis, for example. And, yes, hitting the A button all the time is ANNOYING AS HELL. I wish there was a way to pre-program a workout (sets and reps) and just go through the whole thing. That's one of the reasons I actually like the cardio exercises, since you can set them for 10 minutes and not have to mess with the controller the entire time.

For abs, I bought an Ab Slide (http://tinyurl.com/o6a2py) ages ago, and that seems to work well for strengthening. I'm not sure how it would do for sculpting, since you want a combination of weight loss (which this won't give you) plus strength training (which it will) to get a six pack.

I'm hearing good things about EA Active Sports. I may pick it up next week.

There was lots of hype before it was released. I put it on my amazon wishlist a bit ago.

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