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Palm rules! Palm is dead! Palm rules! Palm is dead!

Palm didn't invent the PDA but they were the first to make it a broad success and dominated the market for 10+ years.

Then they failed to keep up with technology and lost all their best people. It died.

Then they hired all the disgruntled iPhone people at Apple and made a great product, at least the demos look awesome.

Now they've failed to keep up with sociology and lost all their die-hard fans. It will die.

It's a shame. Palm is my favorite PDA (and after using my iPhone for 2 years, I'd still switch to a Palm if it did 3G and YouTube).

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I have an iPod touch, and the calendar app is definitely the weakest part of it as a PDA.

No snooze, not very loud alerts, and a terrible UI for entering events. (Critical failure: if you enter in all the information about an event, then don't hit "Done" before switching to another application, the event is lost.)

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True, though there's still a big difference in practice.

On Palm OS, there's only one level of "details" dialog for an event, which is where you set the time and alarm info. If you tapped in on a blank line in the day display, you already have a time set for the event by that; if you have a default alarm setting, you don't need to do that either.

On iPhone OS, there's an "Edit" level and then below that separate panes for name, time/date, alarm, and so on. I have a tendency to enter everything there (after going into each of the separate panes) and still forget to hit "Done", because "it's all entered, I hit save on the last pane I used, I'm finished".

Once you set one alert, you can set a second alert. But that option only appears if you've set the first.

The alert volume is the same as the ringer volume, and I think, but haven't verified, that you can change the alert tone to something more personally jarring.

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For updates and more perspective on the preDevCamp fiasco, see:


It sounds like things might be getting back on track. I'll be in line at my local Sprint store on June 6th...

I really hope the pre will do well. If nothing else I know good people working there and good people thinking about working there, and any time I see bright people who seem happy at work I want things to continue for them. :)

What a terrible shame. They seem to be bending over backwards to make mistakes.

I, too, loved their stuff. I feel they have an edge in some respects, but I don't have any more hope for Palm as a company. I gave up last summer. I now have a blackberry, because it was less expensive than an iphone and because it's extremely reliable. But the user interface of the blackberry is gawdawful. I can't believe how successful blackberry is with the masses.

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