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For sale: external "all format" DVD burner (USB 2.0) and external 100G USB2.0/Firewire hard drive

1. (Mac/PC) External 100G disk drive. Firewire and USB 2.0.
Accom Data (not sure who made the disk inside.

2. (PC) External DVD burner (USB 2.0).
Burns every darn format I can imagine: Dual Format / Double Layer (i.e. burns +R +RW -R -RW +R DL).
Burns DVD+r and DVD-R at 16x and Double Layer at 4x.
Works on PC. (might work on Mac with the right drivers, like Toast)

I also have a firewire card for a PC (I think it is 4 ports) and a 4 port USB 2.0 card for PC.

Best offer and YOU pay shipping.

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i have no idea what to offer for the DVD burner; I need an external, since the netbook doesn't have one, and once I start school, I will actually need to burn things from time to time for class. But well, really broke. So what was the original cost, and when?

Original was $125-ish. I don't remember exactly because I bought a bunch of stuff at the same time.

How about $50 plus $10 shipping? I am trying to find the DVDs that came with it. It didn't require a driver, but there was some NeoSomething DVD writing software for Windows included. If you already have Roxio you won't need it.

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