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Thought of the day

I can’t believe a free DSL router crashes twice a year. I would have paid twice as much for better reliability.

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You are paying for it, every month in the service charge.

When I worked at "the first company to commercially deploy DSL in the United States" (it says so, right on their web site), we pushed manufacturers very hard to drive down the cost of CPE (customer premises equipment, i.e. your DSL router or modem). The manufacturers chose the cheapest possible parts. One model in particular (I forget which one, now) was infamous for just flat dying after about 18 months, because the manufacturer had chosen a super-cheap component that pretty much just wore out after that long (I think it was a capacitor, but I don't recall for sure). Of course, the warranty was only 12 months...

I believe it.

(I was really making a math joke. 2 x $0 = 0)

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