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My books are now on Kindle!!

Read my post on everythingsa or at my web site: EverythingSysadmin.com

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of course now i have to buy it — i made all my employees and boyfriends buy and read it (it had nothing to do w/ my company shutting down, i'm sure ;) ) though i have some what of an ethical issue with buying more than one format of something, as i think once you've bought it once, you should be able to translate it into any format you want… still, it's a damn good and useful book.

Perhaps that's an idea for a business -- send in the physical copy of the book, get an electronic copy. Perhaps for something like $100 (paid in 5 monthly installments of $20 or all at once), you can send in an unlimited # of books ('cause the company still has to make $$). You could check on the website which books are available in the electronic format of your choice.

Perhaps combined with an electronic book selling site, so that the postage you pay (and the fee too!) can give you credit towards buying new electronic books.

Mostly my issue with (some) electronic books is that they cost the same as they do in the store. And really, there's actually no difference between a hardcover and a mass-market paperback when you're talking about the electronic book format! (yeah, yeah, other than "people who want it first pay $20, people who can wait 6-8 months will pay $7").

I'm with you on that one. A number of factors about electronic books has the balance still firmly tipped toward the cost side of the cost-value equation for me.

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