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Small Silicon Valley-based startup completes exit strategy

Sun Microsystems, a small “Silicon Valley” startup finally achieved it’s goal of being acquired by a larger company this week. They have been purchased by Oracle.

Most startups plan their exit strategy as either being an IPO or being acquired. Sun’s unique strategy was to do both with a 23-year gap in between. This long, painfully slow, strategy included years of selling their products to big name Wall Street firms, developing cutting edge operating systems and microprocessors, convincing the entire world that RISC is better than CISC, and blowing it all by ignoring the rise of cheap x86-based PCs. Sun is also reported to have invented “the dot”, an enabling technology that precipitated the “dot com” revolution.

The purchase by Oracle surprised and stunned industry observers that had been on vacation and hadn’t been paying attention to anything for the last few months. Said one analyst on vacation in the Bahamas, “When I left for holiday I heard IBM was going to snatch them up. Whatever happened to that?”

The original founders, Andy von Bechtolsheim, Vinod Khosla, Bill Joy, and Scott McNealy, were excited to make the announcement at a press conference in Mountain. Now that they have completed their first startup the entire world is watching to see what they do next.

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Sun, a world-wide massive server company, creator of Java, and lots of UNIX computers... bought out by a crappy little (from Teradata's standpoint anyway) database company? And Oracle has brought the world... ? Meh, I say, Meh.

Sun? Were they still around? I thought they'd gone and been acquired by Dell or Compaq or something.

Don't forget that the brilliant and innovative thinkers at Sun were the first ones to realize that the network IS the computer.

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