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Sunday's Peanuts re-run is mocking the Tea Bagger Protests!

Check this shit out!

How did he know that if he drew this cartoon for publication in Apr 15, 1962 that after he retired they would play re-runs of his strips in order AND there would be a useless protest by crazies AND they would both fall on the same week?!?!

The man is brilliant!

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It was all predicted in Nostradamus.

Tom, a "protest by crazies," - really? Really? I know I'd be pretty peeved if a friend of mine characterized the anti-Bush protests as "by crazies" just because some jerks set fire to vehicles or broke store windows. These protests, whatever you think of the protesters, didn't even do that.

I'm surprized you find it so easy to demonize "the other" without knowing any of them, based on a few TV spots. I thought you were better than that.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to repeat my policy:

I will stop demonizing right-wing people as "crazy" and libertarians as "cruel" when they stop portraying liberals as hippies and LGBT people as sex fiends/effeminate.

I'm not one to back away from a fight, and people that say that calling right-wingers "crazy" is "escalation" are confusing "peace" with "not responding". History shows that "not responding" never solves anything.

Now, for this particular instance, let me make some citations. I think it is perfectly CRAZY to have a protest where people get on TV to talk about
wanting to stick a knife in Obama's eye (at 1:07)! And secession! And Obama's birth certificate! And Obama taking away their guns! And the American taxpayers are the Jews for Obama's ovens! And Obama is Hitler! And blah blah blah blah.
(cite: Why yesterday's protests were stupid

but is you really want to understand how I feel about the protests, and I hope every person involved reads this, then check out this article. It captures my feelings better than I could:
All This Has Happened Before

Tom, you do realize you have just made my point for me.

The one rally I know about up here in NH (I didn't attend any of them) was organized in part by the AUTHOR of NH's same-sex marriage bill that just passed the state house. Another organizer was apparently the legislator who sponsored the bill.

There are crazies to be found at EVERY rally on all parts of the political spectrum.

Like I said, you have no idea who you are talking about other than what you saw on TV.

Nothing of the sort.

What I learned about protests years ago is that what gets on TV is all that matters. Modern protests in America are a spectacle created to create a particular TV image.

Did you read the last URL?

I did, and it was a good read with some great responses. Yes, I even read the whole response set. I still don't see how what gets on TV "mattering" justifies your characterization of the people involved through that lens alone. It seems like you are trying to be, even celebrating being willfully ignorant. If the media in NJ characterized key players in the SSM movement there as a bunch of right-wing crazies, wouldn't you be saying, "WTF?"

I'm saying WTF.

Much of the media keeps presenting today's politics through a 1970s (at best) lens. That anachronistic take on left/right is going to start looking more and more peculiar as the Republican party continues to fragment, leaving it just "the base" (code for "religious zealots who would have been southern Democrats in the 1950s") and spinning off an increasingly large swing vote group. Up here, the registered, unaffiliated voter group represents the largest plurality (40%). They're the ones that side with Democrats on barring the death penalty and limiting warrantless police search powers, and with Republicans on blocking 'primary' seat-belt laws and income tax. They're the ones who wrote and sponsored the SSM bill that our Democrats wouldn't even propose (though thankfully they voted for it in the house) and which our (D) governor may still veto.

Oh? I didn't realize the teabaggers gave up and stopped protesting as soon as someone called it stupid.

Very cute, I enjoy old school Peanuts.

Considering this was written in 1962 I'm really hoping that this wasn't a veiled reference to struggle for civil rights. I'm generally thinking not because I tend to think of Schultz as more liberal that than.

Edited at 2009-04-20 03:06 pm (UTC)

I'm willing to bet that whoever picks out the cartoon to run in any given week had an agenda.

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