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Red Robin has the absolutely best tasting hamburger I've ever eaten. And it is evil.

Last night quietchris and I ate at Red Robin. We both had the exact same thing. A Bleu Ribbon Burger.

OMG it was good.

I've never had a burger with spicy BBQ sauce on it, let alone a bleu cheese burger with spicy BBQ sauce. OMG it was a favor explosion in my mouth. I couldn't get enough of it.

(Spoiler alert... now some diet-related thoughts)

Sadly, when I got home and did the calcuations it was 26 points plus 8 points for the fries. I'm on a 31-point-per-day diet. OMG that's more than I typically eat in a day!! Luckily I had eaten only 10 point earlier in the day and WW lets me eat 35 extra points over the course of the week (I'm trying not to, however). Either way, I won't be eating at Red Robin again... or at least if I do I will stick to the lighter side of the menu.

And the entire next day I was hungry like before I started dieting. It's as if my body had grease and fat and said, "OMG! We killed the wolly momoth and are feeding! I want to eat as much as I can before I have to wait for the next big kill!"

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It is a chain. There's one in Clifton on Rt 3 just past the AMC Movie Theaters.

Hmmm... Red Robin. I went a coupe of years back and I guess went on a bad day. Because ALL my friends adore them. But me. (I guess I always have to be different) Anyway... I don't know if it's srping but I am starving constantly, lately. Good luck with you WW!

Red Robin is indeed wonderful. they do veggie patties and have so many burger varieties. I love those stringy onions that you can get on their burgers.

I thought the point of the "cheat" points was to use them because sometimes popping up the calorie count every so often keeps things moving.

I used to eat at the original Red Robin when I was working in Seattle. I'm certainly a fan.

I'm guessing you didn't try a chocolate shake to go with it. You really missed out there as well.

My dad is a Seattle native way back and his favorite story about Red Robin is that it used to be a dive bar locally famous among the college kids for great burgers, cheap beer and drugs. Red Robin was evidently THE place to go when you needed a burger and some weed :)
He said they cleaned it up and it was never the same afterwards. Good wholesome family fun folks!

Oh, I'll have to try making something like that. This has been my solution for many of the things I like but that are too fatty for me. Perhaps I'll make these blue cheese BBQ burgers tomorrow....

As someone who has lost 200 lbs. via WW, I am slapping you. Not for having the burger and fries, because that is a good thing. You have to eat normally and you can't ever get into the trap of oh my gosh I can't eat anything but dust and water. Once you fall in that trap, it's a skip and a jump to going off plan and then you're done.

I am slapping you because you need to eat those "extra" 35 points. Don't get into the trap that I did, about a year in, where I started NOT eating those extra points. I plateaued for over a month, until I ate all my points plus the 35 points, and then I lost 7 pounds in a week.

So please, follow the program, and it will work for you.

That's good advice!

I try to save them for earlier in the week but maybe I'll save them for the weekends. I weigh in on Tuesdays, so I like to go "over" on wed/thu/fri, not the days right before my meeting. I dunno why but it feels better to me.

they do! i never go there just for that reason!

Their Banzai burger is my downfall. I'm not even a huge burger eater, but that grilled pineapple topped masterpiece is probably my favorite burger ever. Who would have thought from such a chain?

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