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Three Mile Island: 30 years later

When I was young "TMI" meant Three Mile Island. Living in NJ, there were weeks (months?) of headlines with the acronym "TMI". It took me years to see "TMI" as "Too Much Information".

While I'm critical of Bob Cringely's rumor columns, his article about TMI's accident are quite interesting. I think that at the time the public was not computer literate enough to understand what really happened. However now it all seems to obvious:


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TMI was very much a household word (household acronym?) in my home growing up, since my dad was an engineer at Kewaunee, but it never even crossed my mind when I started hearing TMI as "too much information". Context is everything, I guess.

I was the same way when I first heard TMI. The incident happened when I was five, and was a huge local story for a long time in part for living a little over 100 miles away in the same state (NEPA.)

I found the President's Commission report on the incident very interesting, as with some post-accident facts, e.g. that the clean-up wasn't finished until mid-1993.

Thanks for this link. This guy's blog (also available as a podcast! Yay!) seems really interesting.

It is an interesting blog, yes. However, he has a tendency to take one bit of misinformed data ("computers get faster every year, magically") and extrapolates it ("so here's why Cisco will GO OUT OF BUSINESS if they don't enter the race to the moon!").

His documentaries about the history of silicon valley are good, as are his interviews with industry greats.

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