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Good news! I'm not stuck in London. I should be home tonight!

My flight to London was delayed by about an hour but my connecting flight was delayed by 90 minutes. I'm at the gate now waiting to fly home, only about 1.5 hour late.

There is a question as to whether or not my luggage will make it. The people in Zurich didn't give me a receipt when they took my bag and my boarding pass says I have no baggage... but I saw them put the loop of stickers on it. I distinctly remember asking whether it would go all the way to Newark and they assured me that even though I'm changing airlines since it was "all one ticket" the bag is checked all the way to the destination. The bag's sticker says "EWR" so I'm hopeful. The person at LHR that noticed that Zurch-to-London ticket said "0 bags" says that they may have printed it before they took my bag. THey called around and there were no "leftover bags" when they processed the bags that came off my flight so I'm hopeful.

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~koff~ u know.. (google whore) my cousin company Zoombak makes these lil GPS tracker dealies.. you can toss 'em in your luggage and then track yer luggage wherever it may go.. (also yer dog & car & stuff.. but folks have also used 'em for luggage sucessfully too!).

~grin~ Mostly i just wanted to pimp my company cool things at yew for fun, heh. Hope all your luggage makes it safely!

I had no idea such a product existed! For only $99 too! Very tempting!

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