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"Steam" (to my NYC and LA friends... go see this film!)

frogs_are_cool and I went to the NYC premier of "Steam" (www.steam-the-movie.com) last night staring Ruby Dee and Ally Sheedy. Got to meet Ruby Dee and other actors from the film. Hung out a bit with Kyle the director, who I knew before he was famous. The movie was great (for an independent film budget), my main complaint was that there were 3-4 places where the sound editing could have been better.

If you are in NY or LA, check it out this weekend!

Expands to 14 cities in a few weeks.

Plot summary: STEAM tells the stories of three very different women, at three different stages of life, who are linked only by the steam room of their local gym, where they go to escape their everyday lives. Single mom Laurie (a commanding Ally Sheedy) is still being manipulated by her slimy ex-husband. Doris (the mesmerizing Ruby Dee, Oscar-nominated for American Gangster), a recent widow, can no longer find much to live for, and is becoming increasingly isolated. Elizabeth (impressive newcomer Kate Siegel), a college freshman, is caught in her emotionless parents’ controlling grip. Initially, each woman seems impossibly stuck. But, suddenly, they reach a turning point, and a new relationship opens up unanticipated opportunities for change. Laurie, encouraged by her acerbic best friend, Jacky (Chelsea Handler, from TV’s Chelsea Lately), returns the attention of her son’s attractive, and much younger, football coach, Roy. Doris finds a companion in August, a charmer who wears down the walls she’s built up and reminds her that she’s still alive, even if her husband is not. Elizabeth experiences an awakening as she comes to terms with her sexuality when she meets the beautiful and politically active Niala. But when obstacles arise, can all three women discover the hidden strength within themselves to move forward, or will they instead retreat to the familiarity and safety of their old habits?

Oh and it is a Curve Magazine "Editor's Pick"