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Android phones can read barcodes. So...

Automagically download torrents at home by scanning a barcode from a DVD box.

“You are standing in a store looking for a new DVD to buy. Rather than buying it, you photograph the barcode with your phone and press a couple of buttons. By the time you make it home, the movie is waiting for you in your torrent client. You can with Torrent Droid.”
Torrent Droid: Scan Barcodes, Get Torrents

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Clever. But why go to a store at all if you're going to download torrents? Online search interfaces (Netflix, Amazon, etc.) are much better for browsing movies.

That wet sound you just heard was thousands of media industry executives suddenly requiring clean trousers.

There's an app you won't see approved for the iPhone App Store.

And this is a good thing?

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