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(no subject)

I did my first “JOIN” in SQL since, um, maybe college when I took a database class.

Reverse-engineering databases is fun.

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I'm in the middle of some fun inner/outer join fun myself right now. :)

I love SQL, that's my bread and butter.

If ONLY I were working in SQL. Alas, I'm taking a crowbar to Access. That's as good as it gets here. (Which as an ex-SQL DBA is very hard to take, let me tell you.)

OK, you win. I'll quite complaining about the lone SysAdmin forced to deal with Oracle days at my last job. ;)

OK, you win.

Yay? :) It's my own fault. It's what I get for leaving IT and taking a straight admin job so I can work fewer hours and have more time for my theater/film work. Much easier to schedule rehearsals when you don't have to worry about being called in when a server crashes. :) But it means playing with less sophisticated toys.

At the moment, I'd be inclined to take that.

I went into academia in an effort to avoid it but am finding it to be the same expectations for less pay.

Reverse-engineering databases is fun.

Right up until everyone knows you can do it, and they start demanding you do tricks.

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