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My Irish name

My Dublin co-workers encourage us to change the name in our email “From” headers to our Irish name the days surrounding Saint Patrick’s Day.

Thus, from March 15-19 you can call me: Tomás Líomóidín

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(Deleted comment)
An Irish coworker helped.

Woah. I want irish co-workers that can translate my name!

The internet tells me that Emily means "to Strive Or Excel Or Rival", or maybe "eager" or "industrious" (where does this stuff come from, eh?)

Tricky. I can give you Rath (success) or.. uhh...Maith an Obair, which is "Good job!" Hm. Let's see what the internet reckons:

http://www.namenerds.com/irish/trans.html says Eimíle, which.. ok, fair enough :-) Pronounced approximately Em-eely.

What's your surname? (Basic internet detectoring (ok, I just looked at your profile page) didn't reveal it.)

Except "Limoncello" is not exactly your name.

"Sheeri" means "My song" and "Cabral" means "goat herder", song is "amhrÚn" and goat is "gabhar"...

When they're willing to translate my very welsh first name and maiden name into irish, let me know (they're not on this account anywhere)!

Bring. It. On.

(I don't speak Welsh in any way, so we may have to agree that I'll lie and you pretend you believe me)

Have you seen the ad with Danny DeVito, with his brand of limoncello? (this one) It was the whole back cover of the New Yorker recently.

I saw it in the store but couldn't bring myself to buy it when I have 2 unopened bottles of other brands at home.

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