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Facebook is better if you have a unique last name.

Someone just found me on Facebook who I haven't seen since 1985ish. He was a member of MACUG, the Morris Area Commodore-64 Users Group which met in Parsippany, New Jersey. It had previously been the Morris Area VIC-20 Users Group. Ah, those were the days. 8-bits. 5K ram. Cassette tapes for data storage.

I was tempted to ask, "How the hell did you find me? or even remember my name???"

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Speaking of which, I recently had coffee from Nicaragua from a plantation with a very similar last name to yours.

you're just that memorable!

So are you, sweetie!

flattery will get you everywhere ;)

A coffee plantation that grows lemons?


(Deleted comment)
I have an *incredibly* unique last name (3 people in the world have it), so I don't use it on Facebook. Anybody who's really looking for me can find out where I am by googling it, and I totally don't need to re-connect on Facebook with all those people I didn't like in high school.

Depends on if you want to be found. I figure it's better to put my name out there rather than have someone else do it for me, so I flood the 'net with good stuff about me. :)

Yeah. A unique name does make you more findable (I get a lot of e-mail from people who were doing sentimental web searches). But I haven't found that that makes Facebook better, unless the only measure of the goodness of Facebook is how easy it is for other people to find you.

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