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Great freakin' week! (and some "Wii Fit" news)

Monday: Work has been picking up lately. I'm meeting some important deadlines and progress is good.

Tuesday: Obama's joint session was fantastic. I've never seen a president do a SOTU (or equiv) that matched his campaign talk so closely. The reporters were all acting surprised at the things he said and I was yelling at the TV things like, "Duh! Maybe if you paid attention to the content of the campaign instead of the horse-raise you wouldn't be so surprised!" I'm glad it wasn't a laundry list. It was 3 very focused priorities and the values behind them. Let the legislature battle it out.

Wednesday (I believe): Budget Blue Print. Baby! Tearing downs 30 years of Reagonomics and pumping up my favorite cause: EDUCATION

Thursday: Worked late on a project I'm really enjoying.

Friday: snuggled with C and watched a movie. The film wasn't so great* but it was nice to be home.

Saturday: fun in the morning, housework in the afternoon including finishing assembling the drawers for our new Ikea TV stand. We did the stand a few weeks ago but the drawers hadn't been assembled. It was good to finally do them.

Saturday night: (1) We went into NYC and walked around Chelesea Market (C's first time). Bought some great chocolate. (2) Then we had dinner at a BBQ place that I love called RUB BBQ (Richteous Urban Barbeque) [it was C's first time there]. Then we went to Comix to see Kevin Meaney. I wasn't a big Kevin Meaney fan, but there was a discount for Google employees so I figured "what they heck". Well, it turns out that Kevin has come out of the closet and OMG does he have some funny things to say. He did some of his old routines including the famous We Are The World imitation (half the audience wasn't born when that video came out). There were 2 opening commedians who were both pretty good (the middle act wasn't nearly as good as the other two). We got home by 11ish!

Sunday: I wrote a program to simulate the queueing effects of something we do at work. I can't believe I wrote the whole thing in one afternoon! It accurately modeled things well enought that I'm able to use it to predict how long something should take to complete based on how many potential inputs there are. (This is a simulation of backing up a lot of machines, each one has constraints about when it can do its backup).

And now the Wii Fit Update: First week completed!

I've now had my Wii Fit for a full week and it is changing my life. I have done about 30-45 minutes of exercise every day this week except 2 days. I feel it in my shoulders and legs. I'm really glad I bought this. I've done enough of the exercises that I've developed a regiment of things I'm going to do in a particular order, adding new things as time goes on.

My only complaint about the Wii Fit is that you can't program in a sequence of exercises. Thus, between each one you have to fiddle with the Wiimote. As a result it takes me an hour to do 30-40 minutes of exercises. They should make a new software release that lets you move activity-to-activity faster.

In related news.... I found a "Weight Watchers At Work" advert. Yes, it looks like I'll be able to start WW without having to change my schedule or drive anywhere. I had driving 30 minutes for a 30 minute meeting. Anyway... it's in my complany's office each Tuesday after work for 17 weeks.

With the Wii working my body and WW helpig me lose weight, I think I will be able to meet my fitness goals for 2009. I'm becoming an out of shape blob and I gotta turn this around!

* -- The DVD we watched was Willow (1988). I'm sort of going through films from my childhood that I had really wanted to see but didn't. Willow was "what George Lucas wrote after Star Wars" (at least that's how the media adverts made it sound) and as a big Star Wars fan what could be more exciting? It turns out it was fairly lame. However, the "extra features" on the DVD included an explanation of how this movie had the first "morph" and symbolizes the beginning of digital film making. So, historically it is an important film.

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This supposedly gets around the start and stop.I quit wii because of the non stop interruptions, I'ld rather go to a gym where I can zone out instead of constantly being interrupted

The EA Sports Active "game" for the Wii is due out on 5/19/2009. I'm waiting to see the reviews on it to see if I want to get a balance board. What I've read about the Wii Fit made it sound too annoying for me to stick with it.


Kevin Meaney (finally) came out of the closet?

In his words: "That's nawt riiiight".

No, it is. I wonder what prompted the move? And so he's hanging out in Chelsea? Well, I suppose there are worse places to hang out after you come out...

He said that "broadway make me gay". :-)

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