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Google introduces GoogleApps Status Dashboard

At the risk of sounding like a shill for my employer...

(1) Google Apps status web page introduced:

I want to point out this blog post by Google about how they are meeting their commitment to increase transparency and communication about GoogleApps. You can now go to http://www.google.com/appsstatus to see the status of the Google Apps (spreadsheets, mail, writely, presently, video, etc.). It's good to have one place to look, one dashboard to go to when things seem broken.

I think VentureBeat put it best:

I still believe it’s unreasonable to think that any service is going to stay up all the time — even if you are paying for it. After all, things like the power, water and cable go out from time to time in your home even though you pay for those too. But it’s all about communication when services fail, and this is a smart play in that direction by Google.

(2) Google Apps "new features" blog

The great thing about Google Apps is that new features get added weekly (sometimes more), unlike MS-Office which makes us wait for upgrades on a yearly basis (plus occasional ServicePacks). The bad thing about Google Apps is that new features pop up all the time, and us in IT that are used to doing controlled, paced introductions of new releases get a bit unsettled. Alas, I'd rather have the constant updates as long as it isn't any work for me. I just want to know what the changes are so that I don't get caught off guard. Google has introduced a blog that is purely that: changes made to the Google Apps suite of services.

The URL is http://googleappsupdates.blogspot.com/ but if you are on LJ, you can simply access it as an RSS feed googleappsupdat