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Nintendo Wii Fit

I’ve had it for 2 days and I loves it.

My doctor says I’m teetering on high cholesterol and if I don’t lose weight, I’m going to die. So this is a big deal for me. I’ve never worked out in my life because of a list of reasons... but mostly because I don’t feel it is efficient to drive 20 minutes to a gym to work out for 40 minutes. Being able to do Wii Fit in my underpants at home is a big win.

Oh... and I ROCK at the huluhoop game! :-)

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feste_sylvain likes it but i can't get used to the start-n-stop nonsense, when i work out i like to go straight thru,not stop every 3 minutes. I rejoined the gym last month


Next time I see you, I'll show you some yoga if you like. You can do it at home, in your undies, or nekkid. Nekkid yoga is GOOD!

Cool. I have a Wii Fit that's been sitting on my living room floor unopened for a while because I'm too lazy to set it up :-( At least I rock climb a few days a week for some exercise, but man, that's pretty pathetic.

The installation process is amazingly simple. As in... it should be written about in textbooks on user interface design.

Oh... and I ROCK at the huluhoop game! :-)

Yuh huh. Let me know when you get good at the table tilt balance one. (-;

It does drive me nuts that it takes 45 minutes to get 30 minutes of exercise; but that's still a better deal than the gym. Now if I could just get that stupid trainer to shut her yap.

She gets better as you do it more - she quits talking quite so much.
And I'm starting to be able to tune her out, but yes, I hear you!

I actually enjoy going to the gym, so I'm probably the wrong person to comment here. If I owned my own home as you do I'd have a hell of a home gym: power cage and barbell (that's sort of my thing) indoors somewhere and outdoor toys like sledgehammers and sandbags and sleds.

It really gets my hackles up when doctors tell people that if they don't lose weight they'll die. For select individuals weight may contribute to shortened lifespan, but in general it seems more that selected practices are the problem rather than weight itself. Granted, sitting around not exercising is one of those practices.

(Deleted comment)
I enjoy exercise, so I'm biased in its favor (although I think you can generally get most benefits aside from the "woo, exercise!" good feeling through manipulating diet, possibly more easily and definitely with fewer aches and pains). But I agree, re the "teetering".

There is something wrong with a doctor who is not aware that there is in fact no research positively linking high cholesterol with heart disease.

On the other hand, exercise is good for your sexual performance as you age. Seems like a good enough reason to exercise regularly to me.

Yes, TimeOut-NY just had an article about exercise and referred to the trend of getting personal trainers to get you into "fuck-ready" shape.

Good enough reason for me!

If I'm reading you right, you're saying that there is no research that proves the link between cholesterol and heart disease. If that's your claim, then you are unaware of a vast body of research. How can this be?

IIRC, the contention is that the causation is not adequately proven and other hypotheses fit the evidence better. The initial momentum for the cholesterol hypothesis had a lot more to do with Ancel Keys' force of personality than the evidence. In the decades since then it's really been taken as gospel rather than rigorously tested. This is really just now starting to change.

Meanwhile, plenty of doctors are still onboard with the cholesterol hypothesis. I even know women of childbearing age on statins, which really gets my goat (our risk of heart disease before menopause is relatively low and the drugs are teratogenic).

In practice, it seems most practitioners who disagree with the cholesterol hypothesis really do agree that high VLDL and high triglycerides are still a bad finding, which is something that I think most mainstream practitioners would agree with if they're informed enough to understand the different gradations in LDL particle size, but they see that more as a marker for underlying problems than a cause to be treated directly (usually the underlying cause is hypothesized to be insulin resistance/hyperinsulinemia). http://heartscanblog.blogspot.com is written by a cardiologist who bases his practice on this hypothesis and is probably the most reputable convenient source for more info. The enormous Good Calories, Bad Calories lays out the full historical context.

(Deleted comment)
Google NYC doesn't have an onsite gym (reporters have claimed we do, but we don't.)

Montclair to midtown by bike? Holy shit. That's just plain crazy. Oh well, good for him.

I was surprised that the Wii Fit was just $96 (including tax) at the local GameStop. I assumed it was a lot more. If I had known it was less than $100 I would have done it 6 months ago.

if I don’t lose weight, I’m going to die

Change doctors. This one believes magazines over science.

Ok, he didn't say those words. (wow, everyone's really over-reacting!)

I don't think it's an overreaction, when many people -have- been told exactly that: You're fat, therefore you're gonna die.

I get the "you're fat, so you're obviously lying about your exercise and healthy diet. And somehow you made the lab lie about your numbers, too."

If you're fat, you'll die. Of course if you're not fat....

Problem is, it's only half the truth. Skinny people also die.

My mother in law has one and does it for an hour and a half (wii time) 6 nights a week! She's lost like, 40 pounds too!!! I've done it a few times, but really need to get a sports bra before I can do it a lot as the girls tend to swing around too much, lol

if only there was a competitive mode!

The great thing is that having a trainer (as well as Wii-Fit) I see what it's trying to get me to do, and it's really very useful to get me to do those things on a more regular basis. I wish there were more programs to download though to add to it :(

It really does tell you a lot about your balance.

If you can, try to add a walk to your daily routine. 10 minutes .. it's not only good for your physically, it's good for you mentally :) especially if you can get out to nature.

It didn't actually happen unless there's video. Show us your hooping prowess.

That's reason enough to buy a camera :-)

I totally agree with your view of driving to the gym. It's stupid, when you think about it, because driving is a way to save effort and time.

I say whatever works for you is best, and I'm glad you've found something.

I have started to ride my bike to work. I live in Maplewood and work in Murray Hill (actually, my company property spans Berkeley Heights and New Providence). It's ten miles each way. I haven't done it much yet, but I've done it a few times and plan to increase the frequency. The more I do it, the less onerous it seems. It's even fun.

It's a 30 minute drive or a 60 minute ride. That means it "costs" me an extra 30 minutes. But while that is the price, so to speak, the benefit is a 60 minute workout. So really, it's quite a bargain.

My docs have been saying the same thing for years, but I know I'm gonna die either way. ;) Good for you! (When the weather's good, I like to alternate walking outdoors and riding the stationary bike. Let me know if you'd like to walk the park some sunny day.)

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