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Movie Review: Valkyrie

I usually avoid giving money to Tom Cruise directly (i.e. I wait for HBO) but I saw Valkyrie in the theater last January for lack of other things to see. It was fairly intense. I appreciate when a movie is about something that everyone knows the outcome (Titantic, Milk, Valkyrie) and yet keeps you in suspense. If it was at all historically accurate, it's amazing that this kind of thing was happening (makes me wonder what was happening on our side). 4 out of 5 stars.

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I would see a band called Titanic Milk Valkyrie.

Best comment I've heard regarding a movie where "everyone" knows the outcome:

"My friend, who really isn't the brightest guy, really thought he was going to pull through at the end" - A quote from not-the-brightest-guy, who apparently has an even dimmer friend.

Yes, the Titanic sinks, but who could have seen the ending of Passion of the Christ coming?

One of the movie reviewers I read said Valkyrie is fun if you ignore the history and just watch it as "that one time Tom Cruise fought the Nazis". I probably won't make any effort to see it, though.

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