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Google Docs for Mobile example is about a same-sex couple

I'm so proud to be working at a company that let's engineers write stuff like this as part of major announcements!

Update: It may be too subtle for some so I'll point it out... the author is named Eric and the anecdote is about his boyfriend.

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I think they pulled whatever you're referring to ... I don't see it.

It's still just need to read it very carefully:

"Last week I was trying to find some Broadway tickets to surprise my boyfriend for Valentine's Day. A friend of mine at a ticket agency publishes an online spreadsheet with a list of last-minute available tickets. From my iPhone, I was able to quickly access his spreadsheet to see upcoming shows"

and then "Posted by: Eric Bogs, User Interface Software Engineer" at the bottom.

Very subtle.

And best of all... they're theater queens!!!

Ahh! I thought it was a screenshot of a Google Doc ... not in the actual copy text.

Yes, very subtle.

The "Gayglers" arranged for Google to be a major sponsor this year of the AIDS Ride that I do every year. Plus a team of about 10 from Google is doing the ride.

Yup, I'm impressed.

Maybe I've lived in the Bay Area for too long, but for a while I thought you were proud that your employer would allow somebody to write about their personal plans on a company blog, and I thought that was kind of a weird thing to be impressed by.

Then I remembered that the rest of the US is pretty hideous to live in.

love that all the comments on the google blog are about the tech... not about the boyfriend.

hooray !

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