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Still sick

I've been SO sick... "how sick are you?" I'm so sick that even the cockroaches have hunchbacks. Oh wait... that's confusing too many jokes. I'm so sick that I've been out of work for 3 days in a row AND today is the first day that I'm well enough to get my ass to the computer to post on LJ that I'm sick. *blech* I should return to work tomorrow. Though, Murphy's Law says that by posting that I will not become true.

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by posting that I will not become true

posting => tom(false)

How to tell Tom is old:

He has to get to the computer to post to LJ.

Dude, you HAVE an iPhone. There are FREE LJ posting apps. You can also set up LJ to take e-mail posts. You have NO excuse (other than "my iPhone battery ran out because all I could do while sick is play Pole Position.")

Heck, I can book time and schedule downtime for systems without "getting my ass to the computer." Makes the on-call weekends even better.

Hey, I only realized that you could post to Twitter via SMS a month ago!

^^^ how to tell that Tom is old..... :)

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