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10 Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know

Ah! Someone finally worked out how to partition your friends into "groups" and give them different privacy rules (co-workers, friends, etc.)

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funny, i tested it and you can definatly block someone from seeing you but you can still be public, if they aren't logged in.
but thanks for posting this

I already knew most of this, but it's a really nice collection of them.

Now.. if only you could segregate status messages to separate friends groups, it'd be ideal. I can't friend my boss until I can do that- I just don't want to be limited when the time comes to look for a new job, or even if I want to mildly complain about the current one...

I know! The number of cow orkers who don't realize their status messages are being seen by people in their network, which includes other orkers... *sigh*

Google Apps has this feature. Status messages set on one domain just appear as "Available" or "Busy" on other domains. (IIRC)

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