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Surgeons have also removed gallbladders and appendixes through the mouth.


Guess how they removed her kidney?

Hint... it's a female patient.

P.S.  I warned you!

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i've had surgery done that involved vaginal incisions, and surgery that involved big abdominal scars. the former method involves *much* faster and easier recovery.

the guy who invented tupperware invented a thing to remove appendixes through the anus


Kidneys get removed that way all the time. Admittedly, they're usually removed in sets of 2, neatly encapsulated within an infant....

Why not? It's better than getting a huge gash that slices through muscle, fat and sifting organs around like mad.

use the gash that's already there.....

I find it fascinating that the people I know who have reacted most strongly to this are all men. And all of them are totally freaked out by it.

It's not like they removed a man's kidney through his urethra, for heaven's sake.

Why not? That's how they removed my mom's uterus. Having nursed a partner back to health after an abdominal incision surgery vs. helping my mom out a week after her hysterectomy, I'd opt for the vag incision whenever possible.

It reminded me of an old tale....

A friend of mine used to threaten people by saying that if they didn't behave she would give them a TVV -- Tonsillectomy Via Vagina.

When she would threaten a man with a TVV and he (or someone) would point out the lack of said vagina, she'd growl, "I'll start by making one!"

Really, "let's take stuff out via the vagina" isn't that big a surprise. Sekritly, women know that everything and anything can be or come out of there -- babies, uteruses, clown cars, watermelons, and, of course, hoards of gold and jewelry.

I don't need to click on the link. My coworker described the content of the link to me, at work.

Yeah, someone told me about that yesterday. But frankly, babies are bigger and bonier and less squishy, and they come out that way (well, sort of) too, so I'm not sure what the issue is.

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